Free Audio Cutter 3.0.1

A free, easy to use software to cut, trim and manage audio files efficiently and quickly

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    Joiner & Splitters

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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    5.9 (163)

Free Audio Cutter does exactly what is sounds like. It allows the user to modify a length of an audio file from a specified time in the file. You can cut out the section that you have specified with two marked times. This simple program is primarily used for those who are interested in getting rid of unwanted noises at the end or at the beginning of an audio recording in order to make their file more clear and relevant.

What services can such a simple program such as Free Audio Cutter provide to me?

Despite its simplicity, Free Audio Cutter actually has a lot of applicability and utility when one needs to make quick, decisive modifications to sound files. When you open the program, you get a small rectangular window with a few features and interesting options. You are given a selection menu through a glossy button labeled "Open MP3". The file name in full will then be displayed in a bordered box next to the button at the very top of the small program window. Below these options are a triangular blue play button and a scrolling device that allows users to start a track and hear their audio and stop it at a designated spot. Two dark arrows act as indicators of where a user has designated a beginning time and another two arrows with indicate the end time. The area between these arrows will be truncated. To make the options even more apparent, there is a two times displayed in mm:ss format along the bottom of the scrolling bar as well as two corresponding options, "mark start" and "mark end". A vertical volume bar is also provided to the user to modify sound levels. Finally, a standard progress bar that fills up with green rectangles indicates how much of the file truncation has happened so far. This program is simple and self-explanatory!


  • Easy to use and select options from.
  • Familiar menu format to many other windows programs.
  • Ideal for the beginning sound editor.
  • Offers truncation abilities for any MP3 audio file.
  • Completely Free!


  • If you have any basic sound editing software, audio cutting is usually an included feature.
  • Only converts audio files of the MP3 format. Many sound formats exist and this limitation is significant.
  • Has only basic sound editing capabilities. You can only delete certain sequences.
  • Doesn't allow the user to attach multiple pieces of different audio files together.

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